Fall Fashion: The latest in sounds and stories

WOC Stories producers Geraldine Ah-Sue (l) and Cristina Kim (r)

WOC Stories producers Geraldine Ah-Sue (L) and Cristina Kim (R)

Late summer must have been a busy time for audio producers because there is an amazing fall harvest of sounds and stories, so many that we wanted to spotlight a few this week.

First up is WOC (Women of Color) Stories. Geraldine Ah-Sue and Cristina Kim started a podcast celebrating women of color as makers and storytellers of their own lives. In the first episode, Kim explores fashion as a front line for self-love and activism with Tania and Tara. They talk about the Big Fat Flea NYC, an all genders fashion rummage that sells sizes Large and up!  Ah-Sue introduces listeners to Lesley, a former Aviation Mechanic who talks about coming out in high school, and her experiences in the military under the recently repealed DADT policy.


tumblr_static_18gmiq233ae8cck4kgg44ck0gRecollective producer, Carl Scott  (AKA 3hreePeaceWing) has been working with designer, deejay Niki Nel on a series of “digital mixtapes” as part of his Sonic Drifter project label.  While working on a top-secret, and oft-delayed, audio performance piece, the two producers have been whetting our appetites with some wonderful summer soundtracks.  Now they are taking us into autumn with the double release of “Gotta Find a Way” and “Shabba.”  Listen up!


Rookies_MarqueeImage_SH_long_imageFinally, we have three stories from our friends at Radio Rookies. Teenaged producers Jairo Gomez, Cece Rodriguez and Eddie Munoz shared their stories on WNYC in September.  Check out Gomez’s 10-minute documentary about living below the federal poverty line.