As the snow and ice from Printthe second big snowstorm of the season slowly melts (and a third storm is rumored to be on the way) the debate on climate change has been rekindled once again.  Whether you agree that global warming is a threat to our planet or not, I think you’ll enjoy Winters Past.

This new audio project  is brought to you by the husband/wife team of Josie Holtzman, a sound artist and former producer on WNPR’s Where We Live, and Isaac Kestenbaum, a writer and audio producer who works at StoryCorps.  Released almost episodically these “soundwalks” are best heard in specific places while walking.  For folks who don’t have access to or interest in venturing out into the icy environs described in the “The River” or “Everywhere,” you can still enjoy these ambient narratives that take you back-and-forth between the past, the present and the future.

The project is supported by Invoking the Pause, an environmental grants program  advancing public awareness about climate change, but again there is something here for even the staunchest climate change denier.  Listening to “The River” I could feel the anticipation and excitement of charging down the Hudson in an ice yacht.  I smiled as I listened to “Everywhere” and imagined rushing naked from a makeshift sauna out onto an icy pond.  Both stories explore the rapidly changing environment but they also hone in on small moments of wonder and anticipation while documenting kinships and traditions that may only blossom in the cold.


John Sperr, a member of the Hudson River Ice Yacht club, and one of the voices featured in this walk. Photo courtesy John Fasulo

You can see more photos, read more shared reminiscences, and get updates about Winters Past on Facebook and Twitter.  Holtzman and Kestenbaum’s next story, “The Lake” is coming soon.

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