DRIFT #01: The Sounds of Protest


[audio https://dl.dropbox.com/s/44if9js8qwjwfnl/MONO-000.mp3 ]

On this blog, we try to shine light on artists and organizations whose work is engaging, innovative and community-oriented. And while we remain as medium-agnostic in that pursuit, we frequently find ourselves returning to our “native tongue” of sound. But what exactly does The Recollective sound like? Introducing Sonic Drifting. Monthly we will share our thoughts and feelings, both the profound and the mundane. All in stereo.

These sounds of protest were recorded December 6, 2011 on the steps of the Lewis R. Slaton Courthouse in downtown Atlanta.  The protest was part of the nationwide Occupy Our Homes action.



3 thoughts on “DRIFT #01: The Sounds of Protest

  1. I like this Sonic Drifting idea very much. Have to say I am not at all ‘medium-agnostic’ – it’ll always be sound for me. And I love the idea of how to define your sound…and you offer some examples and the community votes them up or down – and you work toward a style. This came up for me recently when talking about vernacular music too – I felt that I was “liking” not so much certain musicians but record labels/recordists who had managed to define their sound (brand): (Folkways, Arhoolie, Chess, Prestige).

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