Ralph Trey Rivera, Radio Rookie

Ralph Trey Rivera at 4th and 1 Football Camp in Mt. Pleasant, TX.

Ralph Trey Rivera at 4th & 1 Football Camp in Mt. Pleasant, TX.

In the summer of 2012, the Recollective went to 4th & 1 Football Camps in East Lansing, Michigan and Mt. Pleasant, Texas to teach workshops on photography and radio as well as interview the student athletes; one of those student athletes was Ralph Trey Rivera (Trey). Trey loved radio and was game to be interviewed and he asked lots of questions about radio. In the summer of 2013, Trey took over our work at the camp in Texas, and learned how to record and edit interviews with his peers. He edited a short piece from his recordings and has posted several stories on Cowbird. He even recorded an interview with the camp’s Executive Director, Vivian Chum, about his dream of creating his own non-profit.  Trey’s radio work at 4th & 1 caught the attention of the folks at Radio Diaries (some of the master’s of the art of radio, documentary). Trey was chosen out of over 800 submissions, as a semi-finalist in their Teenage Diaries Project. We are all wishing him the best as he pursues his dreams! So from the Recollective Radio Rookie desk, here’s Ralph Trey Rivera:

The Recollective: How did you first get interested in radio? What about radio excited you?

Trey: My first radio experience was at a camp called 4th & 1.  I was interested how they were able to take the stories of the campers like myself and communicate them to an audience.  It was exciting because you could speak to different groups of people and learn about them and each story was a new adventure for me.
The Recollective: What kind of radio do you listen to? Do you have a favorite show or DJ or reporter?
Trey: I listen to ALOT of different radio stations mostly on internet radio.  For music genres I like folk/indie, country, and pop and talk radio I listen to sports talk 790 and local radio 93Q.  I like the DJ’s Daft Punk who are a French duo.
The Recollective: What was the first thing you recorded?
Trey: The first thing I recorded was at 4th & 1 camp and I was interviewed and asked about my dad and my memories of him.
The Recollective: What did you learn interviewing fellow student athletes at 4th & 1?
I learned that everyone has a story and you just have to listen to connect with them.
Did anything surprise you?
Trey: There was a guy named Tyrriq from camp, when I saw him I thought “Hey he looks cool, he looks like a football guy”  but I didn’t know that he had a passion for music instead of football.  He was so passionate about music and he shared his story with me, it really stuck with me.
The Recollective: What was it like cutting the interviews from 4th & 1?
Trey: A huge learning experience and after I heard it back all edited at the banquet, I was like “Wow, I helped do that!”  It was a great feeling.
The Recollective: What do you hope to do in radio in the future?
Trey: I would like to have my own sports talk radio show someday.
The Recollective: If you could do any radio piece, what would it be?
Trey: I love radio so much that I would like to do any kind of piece, I love interviewing and learning about different people.
The Recollective: Who would you most love to interview? Why? What do you want to ask that person?
Trey: Ray Lewis, because to me he is not just a football player, he is the essence of greatness. I would ask him what drove him toward his passion and where does he see himself ten years after football.
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