Food photography with a twist

Check out this fascinating interview with Stephen Chen and his wife Hui-yi Lin about their photo project The Poverty Line.  This is a re-post of an interview conducted by Celia Hatton of BBC News, Beijing.

Screen shot of the Poverty Line website

Screen shot of the Poverty Line website

Shopping on the poverty line – what can you eat?

By Celia Hatton BBC News, Beijing

What happens when a photographer and an economist work together to document poverty around the world? When Stefen Chow and his wife, Hui-yi Lin, set out to answer that question, they came up with a photo project, The Poverty Line.

Ms Lin calculates how much money people living at the poverty line have to spend on food each day. In the US, that figure comes to $4.91 (£3.24) a day, while in Madagascar, it amounts to 64 cents.

Mr Chow then documents how much food that money buys in each country, placing the food against a local newspaper.

The award-winning project’s website has just been relaunched, making it more interactive for users to learn what it means to be poor and hungry from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro.

You can read the full interview at


One thought on “Food photography with a twist

  1. I have done a lot of study on food science, soil science, methods of growing and nutrition- One of the things that was eye opening for me (and I guess it should have just been common sense) is that when you feed your body correct nutrition, you actually need less food to thrive. So people who say that it’s less expensive to feed someone the junk verses the healthy food hasn’t really gone back and adjusted for this. Our food program in the US doesn’t follow this logic at all. If someone is getting food assistance it should be with the object of helping them get proper nutrition so that they can thrive. People, when left to their own devices will generally choose the crap. It’s a subject of great interest to me.

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