Two Women and A Show

Twotruths#12webTwo Truths and A Lie is a performance event that blends fiction, memoir, and the art of storytelling. Each Two Truths and A Lie event features six people who take the stage to tell stories around a selected theme. Laced with straight shooters and frauds, the audience must decipher which is which.

The hosts of this twist on the campfire classic are Mitra Bonshahi and Sylvie Lubow.  Sylvie, who coordinates oral history recordings for veterans and servicemembers by day, took her inspiration from childhood sleep-away camps. While Mitra, who produces multimedia projects as part of the Electric Breakfast collaborative, was inspired by The Moth. “We wanted to create an event that celebrated stories as much as it celebrated the art of storytelling,” says Sylvie. “Our first show was in the late spring of 2010. May 26th, to be exact. At a divey little spot called Van Gogh’s Radio Lounge. We’ve held the event in four other venues since then.”


Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies.

Each event explores a specific theme. “We scribble random words on paper,” says Mitra.  “We think of common experiences, stories we’ve heard from friends.”  Sylvie elaborates, “Sometimes we’ll just drink a few beers and say things that make us giggle and between sips of brew and gasps for air, a theme is born.”  Each theme has it’s draw but the “Make-Ups and Break-Ups” theme seemed to have the most enthusiastic response. “People were chompin’ at the bits to share their stories of love and heartache,” recalls Sylvie.

The theme for this week’s event is  “OOOPS I did it Again!” and according to Sylvie it will be a milestone of sorts for Two Truths and A Lie.  “Thursday’s show will make it 12. Hot Damn! Signs of the zodiac, 12 angry men, number of organic eggs purchased at the farmer’s market. The symbolism is almost palpable. Plus, I’m just really partial to that number.”  You can experience that “almost palpable” symbolism first hand on February 28 when Two Truths and A Lie comes to Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg. It’s $5 at the door and the show goes from 7 to 9 PM.

Mitra Bonshahi and Sylvie Lubow: Two Women and A Show

Mitra Bonshahi and Sylvie Lubow: Two Women and A Show.  Photo courtesy of Desiree Leary

Learn more about Two Truths and A Lie at


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