Deck The Halls

Trawling around the twittersphere this morning I came upon this photo taken in Dongguan, China.

Marilyn Santa dances his Xmas joy.

Marilyn Santa dances his Xmas joy.

This got me thinking about this time last year when I spent Christmas in China. In fact I spent Christmas not too far from where Marilyn Santa now coyly stands.  I remember walking  past stores selling all of the mass produced Christmas balls and bells and baubles that you and I see hanging from trees in living rooms across America. I saw legions of mechanical Santas caroling their mechanical tunes. Now admittedly, I don’t celebrate Christmas but I love it. I love the songs and the smells and the ornaments. So I felt very much at home in China amidst the kitsch. In the spirit of that kitsch The Recollective has collected some quick stories from folks about their favorite Christmas decoration.  Click on each name to hear that person’s story.

Yangzhou Wells Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.Made in Jiangsu, China

Yangzhou Wells Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
Made in Jiangsu, China

Amy Adsley, Eric Douglas and Nicki Berger share their memories of  homegrown holiday traditions.

Jeremy Helton talks about his first “authentic” Christmas ornaments while Billy James Dean talks about holiday consumption.

Susannah Chovnick and Scott McCraw describe their favorite decorations.

And Jasmyn Belcher and Whitney Henry-Lester discuss the good, the bad and the crusty of holiday baubles.

A big thank you to everyone who shared a story.  What’s yours?  Jot down your favorite or most meaningful memory of Christmas decorations and post it right here!

Logo Emblem Industries Co., Ltd.Made in Guangdong, China

Logo Emblem Industries Co., Ltd.
Made in Guangdong, China


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