Peace & Quiet

Located on the north end of Times Square, Peace & Quiet is a temporary dialogue station where veterans and civilians can openly engage each other in meaningful conversation. It is a tranquil place to meet, share stories, leave a note, shake hands—a veteran-civilian exchange, in person. Beyond politics, stereotype or judgement; bridging the often unnecessary gap.

The Peace & Quiet station in Times Square

Brooklyn-based architecture firm Matter Practice, initiated this project as part of their interest in socially active design for the public realm. Responding to an open call from the Times Square Alliance (TSA) Public Art Program, they proposed a structure to house social dialogue.

Matter Practice has partnered with several organizations to help facilitate participation from  both civilians and enlisted men and women.  These organizations include StoryCorps, the Pat Tillman Foundation and Code of Support Foundation.  Each organization will be  hosting dialogue activities at the Station on different days throughout the month of November.  Artist and community organizer Brian Fernandes-Halloran will also be facilitating ‘a wall of correspondence’ within the station, where veterans and civilians can post stories of personal experiences of being protected.

To learn more about Peace & Quiet email Matter Practice at


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