Meet Your (GOOD)Maker

GOOD Maker is a tool created by the folks at GOOD Magazine to help people do good things in their communities. Organizations present challenges on the GOOD Maker homepage and people submit their ideas and plans to meet that challenge.  The submitted plans and ideas are then voted on and the winner walks away with some means by which he or she (or they) can facilitate the  winning idea.

This week StoryCorps post their own challenge in preparation for National Day of Listening

Photo Credit: Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

(more on NDL in an upcoming post).  I spoke with Krisi Packer, Associate Manager of Marketing & Communications at StoryCorps to find out more about the organization’s challenge to listeners across the country.

The Recollective: What is StoryCorps’ challenge to listeners across the country?

Krisi: StoryCorps is looking to create a nation of listeners this holiday season.  The 2012 National Day of Listening is November 23, 2012 and we want everyone to interview a someone they care about. We want to take storytelling to the next level and make it accessible to everyone.

Photo Credit: The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

The Recollective: How did this partnership with GOOD Magazine come about?

Krisi: StoryCorps has been featured in GOOD Magazine, and we have contacts there who approached us about launching the challenge.

The Recollective: How do people submit their ideas and what do they get if their idea wins?

Krisi: You can submit your idea to  It’s simple and fun!  People can enter the challenge until October 29.  From October 30—November 13, GOOD opens the voting polls up to the public.  If you submit an idea, rally your friends and family to vote for it!

The Recollective: What does the person or person with the winning idea get?

Krisi: A free StoryKit rental to record their NDL story, plus recognition on  A $250 value, for free!

The Recollective : Tell us a little bit about National Day of Listening and how this GOOD Maker challenge reflects the mission of StoryCorps and NDL specifically.

Krisi: The National Day of Listening is a new national holiday started by StoryCorps in

Photo Credit: U.S. Olympic Committee

2008. On the day after Thanksgiving, StoryCorps asks all Americans to record an interview with a loved one. You can interview a relative, friend, neighbor, veteran, or someone in your community.

StoryCorps looks to build connections between people and give everyone a chance to tell their story.  I think the National Day of Listening is a perfect way to take the time to show someone you care.  Instead of getting lost in the long shopping lines on Black Friday, get lost in a conversation with a loved one.

The Recollective: What is the deadline for this challenge?

Krisi: The deadline to submit an idea is October 29, 2012.


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