Phoning Home

As we continue to collect stories about Treece, Kansas we’ve come up with a new tool to help us gather those stories; a phone line to which Treecians can call in and record their memories.

Was your family part of Treece’s mining legacy? Do you remember playing on the chat piles? Can you describe the house where you grew up in Treece?  If you can answer any of those questions or just have a memory to share then call us at (620) 266-9324 and record your memories on the answering machine or join the Treece Facebook Group at

Each week we will post a new topic – so call again and again!  All recorded memories will be SAVED for future generations.  Spread the word!  Let’s keep Treece’s memories alive!

Here’s an example of just how easy it is to share your memories of Treece:  Play message


2 thoughts on “Phoning Home

  1. i love treece an still drive n there no matter ow they try to keep me out i lived there all my life till 97 when i moved to bartlesville with my husband we seperated n 2009 an i maoved back then with my parents n treece its home i went to school n that school picture u have i lost my mom an my town all the same year i miss them both so much

    • Thanks for sharing those memories. Treece is an important place in many people’s memories. We hope we can capture and preserve a few!

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