Kickstart StoryCorps’ Animation Special

Did you know that StoryCorps, the national oral history project in partnership with the Library of Congress and NPR, will be turning 10 years-old in 2013?

StoryCorps launched its first Kickstarter campaign

One way the organization hopes to celebrate its first decade of listening and storytelling is by engaging eyes as well as ears.  Since 2010 StoryCorps has been working with the Rauch Brothers to animate some of their best-loved short radio stories.  According to producer Lizzie Jacobs, “Viewers online and on television have enthusiastically embraced StoryCorps Animated Shorts. From what we can see, it appears that we’re reaching more younger people with the shorts than we have with the radio broadcasts, and we’re building a presence on public television that we’re really proud of with our fabulous partners at POV.”

Next year StoryCorps plans to up the ante by producing its first half-hour long special for PBS.  The six animated shorts featured will each have their own distinct flavor but will also be woven together.  “We wanted the stories to have a natural progression, so that the viewer would almost be anticipating the next story even before it began,” says Jacobs.  “The life cycle is one of those archetypal narrative structures that everyone knows and can easily follow. Also, when you look at the StoryCorps Great Questions, you see that they describe that same life-cycle arc too, from ‘Tell me about your childhood’ all the way through to ‘How do you want to be remembered?’ So it was a natural fit for StoryCorps.”

The special will feature new stories recorded in North Carolina, New York City, and Wisconsin, and will also include a story from the organization’s National Teacher’s Initiative.  In order to make this special a reality StoryCorps has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help close the gap on production costs.  They need to raise $25K by September 15th so if you want to see these great stories of everyday people come to life then check out the StoryCorps Kickstarter page and make your contribution.

To learn more about this project and make your contribution go to


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