The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright

4th and 1!!!!

Deep in the heart of Texas there is a little football camp that could and did. It’s Friday and it hardly seems possible that an entire week has passed. The student athletes played their final scrimmage this morning. It was a perfect morning for some football, not too hot, not too muggy just blue skies and fat cumulus clouds. Afterwards as is football tradition the students all “took a knee” and Coach Ryan gave them one final pep talk. Then to the amazement of the counselors and coaches a few students spoke up.  They thanked each other for the week, they called each other brothers and they left Chaela and I in a puddle.   Tonight is the final banquet. We put together a quick little audio postcard from the week. Take a listen:

Bright eyes, full hearts, can’t lose,

Chaela & Nina


2 thoughts on “The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright

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