Friday Night Lights

So, you might have smiled when you learned that Chaela and I were going to a football camp in East Texas. Admittedly we know nothing about the sport (we have been sneaking in an episode of Friday Night Lights before bed each night). However, everyday we have learned something new. Today we learned that there is a position called “split tackle.”  Who knew? We are still a bit unsure of what the split tackle does, but it sure is a nifty name.

Heath at morning practice

All kidding aside, it’s been an adventure this week learning from these student athletes. Last night was the talent show and this is indeed a talented bunch. We had jugglers and singers and rappers and even some kung fu.

Athletes serenading the “grown-ups” as they call us

The highlight of the night was a dance off.  Imagine if you will, giant linebackers getting down, and I mean getting down.  One of the offensive linemen, Ralph, got his groove on  break dancing.  He shocked the entire camp, which erupted in a chorus of hooting and cheers.

Ralph (on the right) getting his yoga on


4 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

  1. So cool that y’all came to East Texas!! I grew up in Tyler and am spending some of the summer back home – bummer that we couldn’t cross paths. I hope you saw plenty of southern hospitality while you were here.

    • So much southern hospitality! You Texans know how to host people, that’s for sure. Next year, let’s meet up if you’re in town at the same time.

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