Are You Ready For Some Football?

College prep begins day one of the East Lansing Camp

We thought we were ready but our butts are getting kicked almost as much as the football itself!  This week Chaela, Jeremy, Nina and Whitney are back in camp… camp.  We packed up our mics and cameras and headed off to East Lansing, Michigan and Mount Pleasant, Texas to record stories at the 4th & 1 Football Camps.

The days start at 6 AM and usually don’t end until 10 or later, with each day jam packed with activities like yoga class, athletic training, PACT prep, and a slew of motivational workshops designed to make over a hundred teen athletes the best they can be.

First day of practice in East Lansing

We’ll be sharing the stories of some of these athletes in the weeks to come.  So be on the look out!  In the meantime check out 4th & 1’s website to learn more about the organization and to see the take-no-prisoners scheduling for each of the camps this year.


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