Work It Out

We’ll file this next post under “holla if ya hear me, now” because it speaks to an issue with which many of us can identify; the Recession.  This week Reuters’ The Great Debate Blog is posting a series of excerpts from interviews conducted by writer D.W. Gibson.  Gibson just published a book called Not Working about the unemployed of America.  He sites Studs Terkel’s Working, published in 1974, as the obvious progenitor of, if not the sole inspiration for his book just published by OR Books.

The Reuters Opinion Blog gives you samples of stories from people like 38-year-old Heather Dupree who lives in Marietta, GA and 32-year-old Jessica Smith who just moved back to her native Alabama.  Even better, they’ve also included edited audio from the interviews with each of the featured storytellers.  It is scary and validating to hear the voices of folks around the country struggling with unemployment, and interesting to hear their feelings about and responses to a predicament many of us are experiencing right now.

You can check out the excerpts at and buy the book at


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