Recession Era Philanthropy

Welcome to Savannah, GA!

Remember last year when all you heard us talk about was Buffalo, NY?

Well it paid off.  Sounds & Echoes: A Musical Portrait of Buffalo, NY aired on the local public radio station WBFO during All Things Considered.  It even won an award.  Listen to the series that the Buffalo News called “remarkable” here.

This year we have set our sights on producing a musical series about the “Hostess City of the South.”  Where, you say?  Savannah, Georgia.  We are trading in our beef-on-weck and Buffalo clouds for mint juleps and Spanish moss this spring.  And instead of talking endlessly about it to you, we’ll let you make a modest donation to shut us up.  We are trying to raise $2000 by end of the year. Yes, we know these are hard times.  And that good old American dollar is not going as far as it once did, so with that in mind we’re proposing a little thing that we call, “Recession Era Philanthropy.”

Greetings from Savannah, GA!

$5 is all we ask.

$5 and you too can be a patron of the arts.

$5 and you can contribute to the making of another series of great independent radio.

$5 and you will help us hole up in someplace classy like the Downtowner Motor Inn; you will help us gas up our rental car; and maybe even help us charm a reluctant storyteller with a cup of joe.  (For those of you feeling more generous, we will never say no, just thank you!)  Of course, all donations are tax deductible.  How do you donate?  Generously and easily.  Just click this link:  If plastic isn’t your thing, we accept checks, and even the good ole’ greenback.  Please email us at to find out how to send in your financial support for Sounds & Echoes: A Musical Portrait of Savannah, GA.

Most importantly, thank you.  You are our greatest support – and we’re not just buttering your biscuit.

The Recollective

Jeremy Helton, Chaela Herridge-Meyer, Whitney Henry-Lester, Nina Porzucki, and Carl Scott


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