Health & Justice Project

Jeremy records the Czubaj family

The Recollective’s current project takes us back to Buffalo, NY to record stories about healthcare.  We’ve been asked by Jericho Road Family Practice to interview patients, staff and volunteers in order to document their perspectives and experiences on what promises to be a hot-button issue this election year.  Jericho Road hopes to address the issue of healthcare reform with the compelling stories of everyday people struggling to navigate an often confusing and costly system.  It’s been difficult to hear stories of people in dire circumstances searching for help in the healthcare system of the 21st Century, but at the same time it’s been inspiring to see people who are not giving up on the hope of common sense reform.  And, of course, as with any project we’ve found ways to have a little fun, too.

Health & Justice Project participant Mira Jukic

For a series about healthcare, we’ve traveled well beyond Jericho Road’s waiting room to some eclectic locations through out the Buffalo area.  We’ve met with project participants in Sunday School rooms on the Westside, at the local community college downtown, in back yard playgrounds in the suburbs and even in a sugar processing plant.  The interviews and photos gathered this fall will also be part of an archive of community stories that will be accessible via Jericho Road’s Blog.

Health & Justice Project participant Alan Petrosky

Stay tuned for more updates in 2012 about Health & Justice Project.


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