Above And Beyond

Nina Porzucki, a founding member of our little multimedia collective, was just awarded NPR’s Above the Fray Fellowship. The fellowship is described on NPR’s website as being “…designed to give a promising  journalist the opportunity to cover important but under-reported stories from a location abroad.”  Nina will spend three months filing on air and online stories from China.  Nina produced stories as a member of StoryCorps’ Mobile Department and Print & Animation Department.  She is also an independent producer for PRI’s The Word and the World In Words podcast.  The Recollective would like to give their heartfelt congratulations to Nina as she embarks on this exciting journey.


11 thoughts on “Above And Beyond

  1. The fellowship was created in the name and spirit of John Alexander, a really amazing young journalist. I am humbled and honored.

  2. you go girl!!! may the goddesses and gods of good fortune continue to bless your path. take good good care of yourself sweetheart. get your rest. and know that you have a family of folks who love you deeply. all the best! til we meet again…

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