Listening on the Third Coast

We Recollectors are often spread out in different towns, and I currently find myself in Chicago, city of big shoulders.  A huge benefit to being in Chicago is sharing turf with other people who love radio, including the Third Coast Audio Festival and CHIRP (more on them later).  Third Coast describes itself as the Sundance for audio.   In addition to their audio conference, they also occasionally host listening lounges around town, giving people the opportunity to listen to radio with others!  I recently attended an evening focusing on the power of voice, and heard this great piece from 1989, called The Auctioneer.  It evoked really specific images for me.  The next listening lounge happens July 21 at the Old Town School of Folk Music (a place I would spend a lot of time if I had it) and will feature radio that makes you laugh!


2 thoughts on “Listening on the Third Coast

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