Mission Statement

This weekend, we traveled from our various home bases to reconvene for three short days in New York City.  We wanted to see each other’s smiling faces, hash out the challenges and successes of making Sounds & Echoes: A Musical Portrait of Buffalo, make a plan of action for our next project, AND come to an agreement on a mission statement for The Recollective.  All went well, except after three intensive days of meetings, we could not agree on a mission statement!  We did narrow it down to two possibilities (written below), and we’re stuck.  Leave a comment and help us choose our new mission statement!

We weave our integrity into a human communal fabric of solution to further deepen our understanding of marginalized communities in viscerally investigative audio, video, film, photo, tweeted documentaries through collaborative partnerships by excavating truths with a myriad of unheard communities.


We are five friends collaborating across state lines. We love to learn about people and places, using a variety of media to tell the stories we find.


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