Punk Rock Pierogies

Sean Mikula is a photographer, political consultant, musician, filmmaker and baker’s son from Buffalo, NY.  He has been actively maneuvering the Buffalo music scene since 2004 with his bands Besnyo and (AT SEA). He also holds showcases and puts out records through his label Joysdead!. His dream is to one day be able to watch a live punk show and cook pierogies at the same time.  Chaela and I met Sean while we were at Allen Street Hardware Cafe one day.  He said he could give us the skinny on the Buffalo music scene and wrote down his contact information on a piece of paper that I promptly misplaced. Fast forward two-weeks when Nina and I are having coffee at Spot on Elmwood and I see Sean again!  I quickly re-acquired his contact information and urged him to contribute his top six list of Buffalo based musicians.   Check out Sean’s selections!

1. Julie Byrne “24kt Gold” Joysdead! Recordings
Julie used to be part of a duo called Mock Syringa, they had a Moldy Peaches thing going on and I thought that was great. Julie’s solo work is just as good, mesmerizing voice and heart wrenching lyrics.

2. Sleeping Kings of Iona “LA Gear” (Video) Harvest Sum Recordings
Iona was kind of like Buffalo’s own Velvet Underground between 2003 and 2005. Everyone who saw them went out and started their own band, either that night or the following day. Ray, Joey and Chris all played in really wonderful punk bands in their teenage years and I think that coupled with their love for ambient and electronic music made for a really lush, exciting and adventurous sound. A few of the guys formed a band called Wooden Waves.

3. White Whale “We’re Dead”
Great punk rock from the Queen City. It’s dirty,fast and catchy, that’s all you need to know.

4. Roger Bryan and the Orphans “No Bridge” Harvest Sum
The Orphans are one of my favorite bands in Buffalo, Roger has this awesome love affair with Paul Westerberg that is obvious but never dull. Every new record they put out is better than the last, and that’s amazing because they’re all great.

5. Lemuria “Chautaqua County”
Lemuria put out two records on Asian Man, whom released Alkaline Trio’s first few albums and re-issued a bunch of Screeching Weasel and Queers albums. Enough said.

6. (AT SEA) “Georgia” Joysdead!/Harvest Sum Recordings
Ok, ok, so it’s probably bad form to pick your own band, but it’s Buffalo and if I won’t, who will? This is off our record “A Flight For Budapest”, and it’s a great summer song. Remember summer?


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