Righteous Rhythms

The Recollective is all about group efforts so how could we resist this next list, compiled by the Righteous Babe family?  Now over a decade old, Righteous Babe Records has been a part of the musical community in Buffalo since it was founded by the Nickel City’s very own Ani DiFranco. Promotions & Marketing Coordinator Anna Kapechuk kindly organized everyone at Babeville in order to provide this top six list of some of Buffalo’s finest musicians and songs.

1. “Dancing Girls on the Tables” By Alison Pipitone Band off Retrodyne
Alison rocks, consistently.

2. “On Shore” by (at sea)
When these guys opened for Timber Timbre in the Ninth Ward they won everyone over and stole the show.

3. “Lake Erie Nosedive” by Failures’ Union off In That Way
A quintessential Buffalo song by a great band.  The Pink Couch Session recording of this song is a must listen.

4. “Pants” by Lemuria off Get Better
A perennial mix tape favorite with a melody that will play in your head all day.

5. “Where Have You Been” By Brian Wheat and Groggy Darlin’ off Where Have You Been
Hard to pick one song here, the whole album is one that you can throw on and enjoy from beginning to end, beautiful music, great lyrics…Ray LaMontagne watch out!

6. “All I Want” by Storyville Players
These guys have been the musical guest on the Dykes of Hazard Variety Show in the Ninth Ward for the last two months and they are just incredible and so much fun.


2 thoughts on “Righteous Rhythms

  1. These local music lists are really great. Glad to see (at sea) and Lemuria made the list. two fantastic local bands. Any chance of doing stories on them for the series?

    • Hi Ron. We wish we had more time to do stories on all the great music in Buffalo, but alas, not at the moment. For now, we’ll just have to keep listening and sharing the wealth of Buffalo sounds!

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